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Turkish Pides

‘Pide’ Pronounced ’PEEDAY’ means flatbread. It’s an authentic dish found across Turkey. Our Pide is thin crust, hand stretched to a boat shape, topped with generous delicious fresh authentic Turkish ingredients then baked in our outside oven.

Garlic & Cheese

Turkish flatbread with garlic butter, Turkish cheese, sesame seeds, parsley

Cheese & Tomato

Turkish kasar cheese on spicy tomato & chilli sauce, sesame seeds, parsley

Lamb Kofte

lamb kofte on spicy tomato & chilli sauce, Anatolian spices, kasar cheese, freshly chopped parsley, sesame seeds, red peppers, yoghurt & mint dressing

Spiced Beef

spiced beef mince on spicy tomato & chilli sauce , green peppers, kasar cheese, Turkish pickle, sesame seeds, tahini dressing

Spinach & Feta

baby spinach & feta cheese on spicy tomato & chilli sauce , saffron pickled onions, sesame seeds

Chicken & Halloumi

chicken fillets on spicy tomato & chilli sauce, halloumi cheese, sesame seeds, honey drizzle & fresh chopped parsley

The Baba (The Daddy)

spiced tomato & chilli sauce, ground beef, chicken, sucuk Turkish sausage, feta & kasar cheese, mixed peppers, sesame seeds, Anatolian spices, pickle, parsley

Sucuk & Cheese with Egg

Turkish cheese, tomatoes, red onions, Turkish beef sausage, egg, Anatolian spices, pickle, sesame seeds

Roasted Aubergine & Tulum

roasted aubergines & kasar cheese on spicy tomato & chilli sauce, Aleppo pepper, sesame seeds


Baked Egg

let us know which Pide to add it to

Turkish 'Coban' Salad

lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, mint, parsley, sumac, olives, chilli